Get your shucking knife ready!  

Thanks to the tides of the Nambucca River, the Nambucca Oyster is fat, juicy and mighty tasty.

Let’s face it, when it comes to oysters you either love them or you hate them, but if you are a fan, then the north coast of New South Wales is a great place to indulge.

Sydney rock oysters are world renowned for their rich and creamy taste, and those that flourish in the Nambucca River – known as an oyster ‘sweet spot’, are quite likely some of the best oysters you will ever have the pleasure to devour.

The Nambucca is blessed with a very clean river system, fed from highly mineralised water that comes straight off the mountains, which is why the shells are so white and the flavour so unique.

The drive along the river into Nambucca Heads is dotted with farms with the “sweet spot” located between Stuart Island Golf Club and Gumma.

Head towards Gumma and call in to see the Nambucca Oyster Company, Oyster 1 or Nambucca River Oysters where the local oyster farmers can supply you the very best and teach you what it takes to grow, select and shuck these tasty gems. 

Nambucca River fresh oysters | Coastbeat

If you like fresh oysters there are few better places to get them than along the Nambucca River one of the only oyster producing river systems with no heavy industries along its banks. You can be guaranteed of a tasty, healthy oyster.

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